Jute, Hemp, or Wool: How to Care for Natural Fiber Rugs

Handmade natural fiber rugs are artwork on your floors and can be used to craft stellar-looking spaces and exquisite decor. Like any rug, those made from natural fibers are prone to wear and tear with everyday use, but with a little care, they will grace the space for years. Different fibers require...

Custom Rugs vs Bespoke Rugs

Uncovering the Artistry: Custom Rugs vs Bespoke Rugs As interior designers look to create truly unique space experiences, they often require the ability to perfectly match color palettes, textures, and even patterns to a room’s aesthetic.  When it comes to hand-crafted rugs, custom and bespoke rugs are a perfect way...

Finishing Options

Finish your Rug with our Broad Assortment of Styles, Materials and Colors

Hand Serge (1/8”)

Machine Serge (1/4”)

Narrow Cotton Bind (1/4”)

Cotton Bind (3”)

Leather Bind (3”)

Vegan Leather Bind (3”)

Wool Felt Bind (3”)

Custom Binding

For custom materials and sizes,
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