Residential Rug Trends for 2022–23

Residential Rug Trends for 2022–23

A great rug is not only functional but also crucial to the interior aesthetic. A fantastic way of introducing color and texture into the home rugs go so far as to alter the mood of their residents, from the suppleness of their texture to the tonality of their weave. While interior trends may not shift as suddenly as fashion, investing in a beautifully made rug that can change with the times remains ideal.

Regardless of the design intent, trends influence the market. Check out a few of the rising trends in rugs and carpets below to help shape your next project.

Bold rugs in a small room

Smaller rooms could be difficult to style, but they have so much potential to play with colors, patterns, and textures. Bold-colored rugs in smaller spaces are a classic trend that is back in fashion. Bold colors grab attention, and a proportionately placed rug will give an illusion of a larger room. Opt for high-pile rugs with minimalist patterns to let the color take center stage. As for which color is in style for the 2022-2023 season, green – in all its vibrant and calming shades – is the choice. It’s all about bringing nature indoors.

The magic of neutrals 

Neutral rugs are a no-brainer. They’re incredibly versatile, elegant, and classic. Going beyond the beiges, opt for a rich shade that complements the rest of your decor. This does not mean they have to be plain in pattern or texture; just as Rivus takes contrasting neutral shades and blends them beautifully and seamlessly into its design.

When done right, a neutral rug can elevate a room with its refined charm, irrespective of the color of the walls. You can explore the various styles and patterns within the spectrum of neutral rugs, or pair a neutral with other trends on the list to create a custom look.

Layering rugs

Which brings us to layering—a great way to bring a play of textures and colors to the space. You can pair rugs in different sizes, shapes, and materials to create a unique look. They need not be placed on top of each other—experiment with their placement to make completely exceptional abstract shapes.

While varying heights can create interest, layering flat-woven rugs are easy to walk on and place furniture. Often, patterned rugs are layered above a solid jute piece (like our Dern rug), but there are many options for implementing a layered look.

Framed rugs

Rug frames are a great way to display art, emotions, and history on the walls. The craft of rug-making is an art. Why not display it on the walls like a gallery? Frame a big or small rug on an accent wall to give the decor royalty vibes. You can also frame a rug or a piece of it that is filled with good memories. Not feeling the frame? Consider applying one of our great flatweave carpets like Fallow to the wall as a beautiful and soft wallcovering.

Geometrical designs

Geometry never went out of fashion. How can it be when Picasso is as popular now as he was 50 years ago? Structure binds the entire room and calms the soul in a way an abstract rug cannot. It’s a safe, timeless choice when confused or uncertain. Repetitive patterns like Lanx or Origo are perfect choices when you need a little structure in your life.

Surviving a global pandemic has transformed our perspective, and homes have become a big part of this transformation. They have been our sanctuary in times when the entire world started considering how our actions affect the Earth; in short, sustainability has taken the front seat. Ethically sourced materials and sustainable practices have become a must for designers and rug owners alike. For example, undyed wool not only highlights the art of imperfections that are so delightful in handmade products, but it also ensures less usage of chemicals in our waterways. You can rest safely on that rug while knowing that the rug will not harm the planet once it has left your home. Lex, from our area rug collection, takes great pride in being just that kind of rug. With both structure and sustainable design, Lex is handwoven to please.

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