Artisanal Culture

Where weavers form designs by weaving knots of different colors to create art pieces. At DIVYA Living, generations of devoted artisans keep the art of hand-weaving alive, a tradition passed down through time.

Spinning life into fibers

Combing, carding and twisting natural, and organically dyed, wool, silk and plant fibers into lustrous yarn. Woven with passion, our artisan rugs bridge the gap between heritage and modernity. Centuries-old techniques meet contemporary design, to weave timeless treasures for your home.

Creating art pieces

Tufting, braiding, hooking, felting, knitting, and weaving yarns into inspiring creations. Our wool rugs embody the pure spirit of tradition, something we hold dear to our hearts at DIVYA Living.

Made with love

The labor of love that goes into creating the artisan rugs and carpets is what makes them so unique. Every knot in a Divya Living rug tells a story of craftsmanship and dedication, to create a cherished heirloom.