Our History

DIVYA Living is built on four generations of experience in luxurious materials, with a focus on ethical business practices and a strong commitment to the environment that remain fundamental today.

Our journey began in the year 1840, with The Family’s first generation opening a fabric retail store in the small town of Panipat, about 55 miles from Delhi, India, catering to the demands of the local community. In the mid-1950s The Family’s second generation stepped in to take the legacy forward, with one one of The Family’s visionaries dealing in wool and seeing the opportunity to export it to countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. With wool laying the foundation and establishing The Family’s reputation for quality and commitment, the focus then pivoted to providing superior materials to local spinners and weavers.

The Family’s third generation embarked on end-to-end trade integration to include sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution. This generation established looms to make cotton fabric from yarns while while also venturing into rug manufacturing in 1981. This began the building of an empire that has grown to become one of the largest facilities in India today, employing directly and indirectly, about 5000 families of artisans and workers.

The Family’s current generation joined the business in early 2000 and has brought further innovation by experimenting with different types of yarns, methods of construction, all while solidifying their commitment to social and environmental sustainability through ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing.